Getting out of the Gate

The municipal election this year was October 25th.  Inauguration was not until Dec 6th.  This was a significant gap – three weeks longer than in previous years – but it allowed your Mayor and Council to get rolling a little faster once inauguration was out of the way.

On December 11th, five days after the inauguration, Council met to discuss our strategic priorities for the term.  This meeting did not happen until well into February during the last Council and as a result, it was nearly six months after the last election that the new Council had finally set its high level direction.

This time around there was a high degree of agreement among members of Council about the key tasks for the coming years and we have focussed down to a set of five specific goals.  More to come on this in future entries.

The extra time also allowed us to do a little more familiarization as well.  Nearly all members of Council went to each of the City’s major facilities as part of an orientation effort to allow us to better understand the work that is done in each facility.  I was also able to meet with all members of Council before the inauguration to discuss the pressing issues in each of their wards.