Grants and giveaways

Lots of discussion at Council this week and last meeting about grants for good causes and events, like charity hockey tournaments, etc.

Nobody likes to say no.  But the fact is, Council shouldn’t be picking and choosing among good causes; if we go that route, we’ll never make everyone happy and we’ll end up making a lot of people unhappy.

A year ago Council directed that a separate committee be set up to decide on community grant requests like this, and institute a formal process so all groups get the same chance, and the decisions on who gets the grant get de-politicized.  Nothing worse than politicians having to pick favourites, especially when it comes to good causes (they are all worthy…and how do you decide if one is more worthy than the other).

As a Councillor, I’ve brought forward my share of charitable events that I want the City to support, but we really need some consistency and clarity when giving out these sorts of grants.   On March 7th, we’ll get this long-awaited report from staff on a committee and clear process for grant requests.  Hopefully this will put an end to the ad hoc, picking and choosing among the so many great causes that could use our help.