Day in the Life – Apr 28th

Have had some requests for something on my schedule, so here is yesterdays.  Most days Mon-Thurs are 12-15 hours long, shorter on Fridays and weekends.  If you are the Mayor, you better love meetings, because that’s what you do…

April 28th 2011

8:00 – Breakfast meeting

9:00 – Tour and meeting along with Cllr. Nuttall, at The Common Roof on Ferris Lane, looking at their shared space model to cut costs through jointly housing social services

10:30 – Meeting with an interested resident regarding co-ordinated delivery of services to the marginalized in Barrie

11:15 – Emails, calls – trying to reduce the backlog

12:15 – Lunch at my desk, reviewing and signing documents

1:30 – Meet with CEO and staff of P3 Canada regarding a potential investment in one of the Barrie’s capital projects

2:30 – Meet with President and officers of R&M Plastics, who are relocating to Barrie this summer. 

3:00 – Weekly briefing from senior staff in preparation for Monday’s General Committee meeting

4:00 – Open house on the Mayor’s Plan for transit, at the Bus Terminal.

7:00 – Ward 4 Town Hall at Kozlov Mall with Cllr. Barry Ward and Chief Mark Neelin

9:30 – Blackberry to respond to a few more emails, etc.  Watch a bit of the playoffs.

New Plastics Company coming to Barrie

Details here on R&M, the new plastics manufacturing plant coming to the south end.

Transit Open House – Thurs April 28th

Here’s what Barrie’s new transit system could look like:

The routes are not actually mapped onto streets, they are just conceptual.  But the idea is that there would be multiple hubs around the city, served by local routes (dashed lines), with express service on major roads every 15 minutes or better, between the hubs (thicker solid lines).  No more having to go downtown to get where you need to go. 

This is one idea, there are others; we want to hear from you.  For example, the map above doesn’t show express service connecting the south end hubs – I think we need this (basically a Mapleview bus).

Overhauling the transit system has been a priority since I was elected – please come tell us what you think – Downtown Transit Terminal – 4:00pm to 7:00pm, Thursday April 28.

Downtown Barrie

Talking about Dunlop Street and what we need for long-term prosperity and revitalization.

Have a great weekend.

New Promo Video – sneak peek

Beta of a new promotional spot for our fair city – check this out:

Comments welcome!


There is usually one weekend every year in either March or April where the sun comes out, temps warm up, and spring actually gets going.  This is it.  Start your barbeques – have a great weekend.