Day in the Life – Apr 28th

Have had some requests for something on my schedule, so here is yesterdays.  Most days Mon-Thurs are 12-15 hours long, shorter on Fridays and weekends.  If you are the Mayor, you better love meetings, because that’s what you do…

April 28th 2011

8:00 – Breakfast meeting

9:00 – Tour and meeting along with Cllr. Nuttall, at The Common Roof on Ferris Lane, looking at their shared space model to cut costs through jointly housing social services

10:30 – Meeting with an interested resident regarding co-ordinated delivery of services to the marginalized in Barrie

11:15 – Emails, calls – trying to reduce the backlog

12:15 – Lunch at my desk, reviewing and signing documents

1:30 – Meet with CEO and staff of P3 Canada regarding a potential investment in one of the Barrie’s capital projects

2:30 – Meet with President and officers of R&M Plastics, who are relocating to Barrie this summer. 

3:00 – Weekly briefing from senior staff in preparation for Monday’s General Committee meeting

4:00 – Open house on the Mayor’s Plan for transit, at the Bus Terminal.

7:00 – Ward 4 Town Hall at Kozlov Mall with Cllr. Barry Ward and Chief Mark Neelin

9:30 – Blackberry to respond to a few more emails, etc.  Watch a bit of the playoffs.

New Plastics Company coming to Barrie

Details here on R&M, the new plastics manufacturing plant coming to the south end.