Jobs data good news

Very strong labour market numbers today for Barrie, and pretty good numbers Canada wide. 

July’s data from the Federal government shows that 2,500 more people in the Barrie area have jobs than in June, bringing the total increase in employment to 10,500 in greater Barrie since May 2010.

While the headline employment number in Canada was little changed, the unemployment rate dropped, and the underlying numbers are very strong – private sector employment increased by almost 100,000 jobs, but this was offset by declines in public sector employment, as governments start to retrench to deal with large deficits.  US jobs data was released today as well, and they are better than expected.  Click here for the Canadian report. 

Hopefully, this will calm some of the fears that caused such turmoil on stock markets yesterday.  And it shows our area continues to show strong underlying economic growth.