A bigger, better Centennial Park

Plans for the new lands

Next week is a milestone in the planning for our new lands in the annexation area.  We will be holding a public openhouse and interactive workshop on the land use options (how much of what kind of development, and where), at the MacLaren Art Centre, at 7pm.  All are welcome, more details are here.

In earlier posts about the new TD operations centre I had lots of comments about the need to limit additional retail development in Barrie, and focus on industrial and commercial, as well as slower residential growth.  I agree with this – the pace of suburban residential growth in the options is less than half the pace in the late 1990s, when Barrie was growing the fastest.  Employment (industrial/office) lands have been identified and prioritized, and retail growth is limited to neighbourhood plazas and stores.

Come and out and be part of this workshop if you’re interested in how we will grow as a city!