A few things heading into the weekend

The agenda for Monday night’s council meeting is a big one – several major items on the agenda, not least is the Plan for Transit; also, proposals to create a Natural Heritage System in Barrie’s planning documents, a senior’s housing development near Little Lake, and approval of zoning limits of new bars in Downtown Barrie.  Tune in.  There’s a lot going on.  Here’s a link to the agenda and staff reports, scroll down to Monday’s date:  http://barrie.legistar.com/Calendar.aspx

Great meetings today on the potential for a university in Barrie, on new development and jobs at the Lake Simcoe Regional Airport, and with our MPP on skills training.  Skills training gap is probably the biggest opportunity to immediately create jobs in Barrie – we have jobs in Barrie that can’t be filled by employers because there aren’t enough potential employees with the skill set needed.

And last – my band is playing at the Battle of the Bands tonight, a charity concert for the RVH.   This is one of the ways I help to raise money for Barrie charities; it still amazes me that anyone would pay to listen to us…but at least it’s for a good cause!