RecAccess – new program to “do more with less”, for those with less

Every once in a while an idea comes along that is so simple and brilliant that you wonder why we haven’t done that before.  Our new program for access to recreation programs for low-income families and individuals is one of those.

The RecAccess program will allow individuals and families below the Low-Income Cutoff level to receive a “credit” on an account that they can spend on recreation programs at the City of Barrie.  We almost always have empty spaces in our recreation programs, and sometimes have to cancel programs because they aren’t full.  This program will help “top up” those programs with people who otherwise would not be able to participate in the programs.

This costs the City nothing, since the programs cost the same whether there is, for example, ten people in the class, or twelve.  The benefits to our community are probably obvious, but in addition to allowing those who couldn’t otherwise to get themselves or their kids into programs that promote fitness or education, it may also generate MORE revenue for the city, since the RecAccess program may also be used to part-subsidize programs (so some folks who qualify may use the funds to part-pay for some programs they wouldn’t take otherwise), and they may continue with programs after the credit is used up if their circumstances permit.  Overall, however, it’s about promoting an active community, public health, and more opportunities for our residents, especially kids.

More information is available by clicking here