The Beautiful Home

This is the kind of story that makes this community such an incredible place.

A Barrie couple, Tim and Rhonda Kent, wanted to do something to assist women and their families with transitional housing in Barrie, a huge need.  They took a VERY run-down historic home in Barrie and have transformed it into housing units for women trying to get back on their feet after leaving abusive relationships.  Aside from helping fill such an important need in the community, this project took on a life of it’s own as they used their network of friends and supporting organizations to donate time, labour, and materials to make the project a reality.  The result is incredible, as you can see on their website (link below).

This project happened without any organization pushing them, without a program or a government grant – they just went and did it.

Reason #467,931 why I love this town!  Please give this a look and consider giving them your support.

Click here to visit their website.