On Refugees, Terror, and Canada’s Response

Been a long time since I’ve blogged.  So, so much I could write about locally, and I’ll get back to that, but I wanted to post my thoughts on Paris and the questions about refugees.

If we allow Paris to harden our hearts against refugees – to allow ISIS to dictate to us who we will and won’t be humane and charitable to – then we let them win.  The objective of terrorism is fear; to use fear to push us off the ideals that groups like ISIS detest – freedom, tolerance, and an open society.  And so I will continue my work to support the Syrian family of 8 – with 6 children under 13 – that we are sponsoring to come to Canada.  And I support the government’s call to bring more refugees here.  They should not move so quickly that they are ill-prepared or skip any security checks or basic planning.  Canadians will forgive the government if they miss their quota by Dec 31st, if the effort is being made to do it properly.  But Canada as a country has always helped those in need, and we should again.

It is part of the responsibility of a civilized, tolerant, and prosperous nation to both give refuge to the desperate and defend the innocent.  This may sound too black and white but it really is to me; I am Canadian and this is what I believe.