Mayor's Office

Do you have a special request for the Mayor?  Interested in obtaining a letter of support or inviting the Mayor to an event?  You’ll find everything you need to know right here!

Birthday and Anniversary Greetings
The Mayor offers a letter of congratulations to residents celebrating a 60th birthday and over, and couples celebrating a 25th wedding anniversary and over.

Letters of Support and Congratulations
The Mayor offers greeting letters to sports, culture, and other organizations for their event programs. Please include the name, date and location of the event; the name of the organization; and any background that would be useful such as how many years the event has been running, volunteer involvement, etc.

Request a Proclamation
The Mayor issues proclamations to recognize the value and importance of a person, an event, a campaign, or an organization for a certain day, week or month.  Acknowledgement is normally given to reward the efforts and commitment of individuals and organizations that enhance our community and are significant to Barrie residents.

Invite the Mayor to an Event
The Mayor regularly attends events and ceremonies throughout the City.  Please note that due to an extremely full schedule, the Mayor is not able to accept every invitation.  First consideration will be given to requests that are received three months in advance of the event date.

Special Requests can be sent to:
Office of the Mayor
City Hall, 70 Collier Street
2nd Floor
Barrie, ON  L4M 4T5

(Please be sure to indicate in the subject line what your special request is)