Progress Breakfast 2016

For all those who couldn’t be there today, I started my day with a speech to about 275 people at Liberty North.  The topic was innovation in the public sector – I wanted to show some of the examples of the innovative ways Barrie is making service delivery more efficient and effective.  But, it being the annual Progress Breakfast, I also did a “state of the city” address to start with…so the first 8 slides give you a bit of a snapshot of the city.



About jefflehman
Jeff Lehman is the 46th Mayor of the City of Barrie. The Ward 2 Councillor for the City of Barrie from 2006 to 2010, he was the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council, chaired the City’s Growth Management Working Group, and created the Historic Neighbourhoods project, a new initiative to protect and revitalize Barrie’s oldest neighbourhoods. Jeff has lived in Barrie for most of his life, having grown up in Allandale and attended Barrie Central Collegiate. Jeff holds a B.A. from Queen’s University, and a Master’s Degree with first class honours from the UK’s prestigious London School of Economics. He was hired to teach at the LSE following his graduation, and lived and worked in London for two years as an academic. Since that time, as an economist, he has worked with cities across Canada to manage redevelopment and invest in their urban infrastructure. In 2005, he established the Growing By Degrees Task Force to assist in expanding university education opportunities in Barrie, and has volunteered his time with many organizations in the City. Jeff lives near Downtown Barrie with his wife, Jennifer, a part-time professor of political science, and their young daughter Cassie, who is already smarter than her father.


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  1. Taylor Smith says:

    Efficient and effective? You stopped salting and properly plowing our roads but for some reason we have extra cash for fireworks?? Lmao. Not sound “economic” thinking. Oh and of course yet another tax increase on top of last years and the year before that and the year before that and the……. etc etc etc

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