TD Building New Operations Centre in Barrie

Everything about this is big…

TD Bank Group to open new Technology and Operations centre in Barrie, Ontario 

TORONTO, February 11, 2011 – TD Bank Group today announced plans to build an 180,000 square foot Technology and Operations centre in Barrie, Ontario. Building construction is scheduled to begin in March 2011, with completion expected by late 2012.

    “Barrie is a dynamic city that offers the perfect mix of location, accessible technology and future growth for us to invest in,” says Kevin Kessinger, CIO and Executive Vice President, Shared Services, TD Bank Group. “This is the ideal space for us to build our unique, state-of-the-art facility, and we look forward to its creation over the next three years.”

The new centre will be LEED Gold certified and situated on a 40 acre property.

“This is great news for Barrie. I’m extremely pleased that one of Canada’s leading financial institutions is demonstrating its confidence in the City of Barrie’s economy by investing in our City,” said Mayor Lehman. “Not only has TD been a part of our community for many generations, but they continue to contribute and lead by example in many ways. The new technology and operations centre is designed to meet the guidelines of the Canadian Green Building Council’s LEED program and is a significant addition to our growing financial services sector. We hold TD in high regard as a business partner in our City and look forward to working with them as they continue to grow.”

Details on the zoning information are available from the Ryan Windle of the City of Barrie, Planning Department, 705-739-4220, ext. 4324

Media inquiries:

Laura Mergelas, Corporate and Public Affairs, TD Bank Group, 416-983-1514,

About jefflehman
Jeff Lehman is the 46th Mayor of the City of Barrie. The Ward 2 Councillor for the City of Barrie from 2006 to 2010, he was the Chairman of the Finance Committee of Council, chaired the City’s Growth Management Working Group, and created the Historic Neighbourhoods project, a new initiative to protect and revitalize Barrie’s oldest neighbourhoods. Jeff has lived in Barrie for most of his life, having grown up in Allandale and attended Barrie Central Collegiate. Jeff holds a B.A. from Queen’s University, and a Master’s Degree with first class honours from the UK’s prestigious London School of Economics. He was hired to teach at the LSE following his graduation, and lived and worked in London for two years as an academic. Since that time, as an economist, he has worked with cities across Canada to manage redevelopment and invest in their urban infrastructure. In 2005, he established the Growing By Degrees Task Force to assist in expanding university education opportunities in Barrie, and has volunteered his time with many organizations in the City. Jeff lives near Downtown Barrie with his wife, Jennifer, a part-time professor of political science, and their young daughter Cassie, who is already smarter than her father.


8 Responses to “TD Building New Operations Centre in Barrie”
  1. Amy Courser says:

    Great News Jeff!!

    I remember some rumours fluttering about regarding a huge CRA office coming to Barrie a few years ago. Whatever happened?

  2. Astrogal79 says:

    I am so glad to see more of these types of office/white collar jobs coming to Barrie, this is what we need more of – to attract large corporations, head offices, call centres, etc. to Barrie. Very happy!

  3. Jen says:

    I am glad to see that they are building a LEED building, all new buildings that are being developed in the City of Barrie should HAVE to meet this requirement.
    Too bad the Park Place was not mandated to do this…..its so sad to see that even in 2011 we are not taking the necessary steps that are needed to protect our environment and ensure sustainable growth.
    The MEC building off of Essa is a great example of what Barrie could be home to…the most sustainable and green city in Ontario…now that says something for our city.
    I hope to see the city investing in green technologies like Ottawa just announced.

  4. Gord James says:

    Nice to hear. Now if we can can replicate this many times over with new Industry and a zero tolerance to any new retail or requests from builders and consulting firms asking to build such, we can make this city better. We should not be building any more housing subdivisions or retail for at least five years. Industry only and good paying jobs please.

  5. Wayne Chan says:

    This should be good having an Operations Centre here. We really need to encourage more businesses to come here. We could also use some factories here too.

  6. Barrie GMC says:

    Barrie is such a good location for the new operations centre. With such a booming population, we need it!

  7. Brianne Hitchcock says:

    This is great news. Now we just need a more reliable bus system to get people there. It’s hard to get to work when buses only run every half hour. More people would use it if they knew they only had to wait 10 mins for a bus, even if they have to walk to a bus stop. My humble opinion as a bus user.

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